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I’ve been going over goals at work for an end of year review. I’ve been thinking I should do something similar for “real life”. 2014 – Basically my only goal for the last  year has been to survive. My son … Continue reading

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Insanity x2

You know that crazy thing I did last weekend? The one I posted last Saturday? About riding my bicycle 44 miles? I did it again today. But I didn’t do it alone. For some reason I let my wife talk … Continue reading

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Must Read

Wow… Long time, no post… Anyway… I just finished reading a short novel called “Little Brother”… I think it should be required reading for 17 year olds in high school… Might help open their eyes and make them think about … Continue reading

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2 things.

1) I am, for some reason, leaning more towards BMW then Ducati… That is a strange sensation for me. 2) Why is it that when I take a shower in the morning, I have all these good ideas? Perhaps the … Continue reading

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Estimated time!!!

1 hour and 51 minutes according to my iPhone timer! That’s 8 minutes faster than last year! Woohoo!!! And boy do my feet hurt!!! Wuff!!!

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Fatal Flaw…

Hello, my name is Beowuff, and I am a… perfectionist… Now, that’s something I never thought I’d call myself. But, I realized it recently while trying, yes trying to play, Oblivion… See when I bought the game, I thought the … Continue reading

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