Almost exactly 7 years ago, Amy and I walked into a Humane Society. Amy was having her tonsils out, and didn’t want to be home alone for a couple of weeks alone.

We had wanted to get a dog for a while, but we lived in a small apartment and none of the dogs we were interested in would be good in an apartment. We decided to take a look at the available cats. There was one cute young cat in a single cage, but she was already claimed and waiting to be picked up.

There were also two group rooms with groups of cats hanging out. We walked into the first room and it was filled with long-haired, scraggly cats. We played with a few, but didn’t find any that felt like they suited us.

The second room had several interesting cats. I looked around, but most of the cats were just lying around sleeping and ignoring everything.

I looked over towards the window and saw some eyes.


They glanced at me, he yawned, stretched in the sun, and then his attention got caught by a bird flying by the window. I walked over and gave him a few scratches on his head, he twitched his tail, and got distracted by another bird.

Amy looked around and didn’t really see any cats that caught her eye. I said what about this one? She came over and wasn’t sure. We decided to take him to another room to spend some time with him and see what his personality was like. He walked around the room and then came over to play with some toys. Amy picked him up and he sniffed her and settled down in her arms.

This turned out to be one smart cat. That was the last time Amy got to hold him for about 3 years. It was just enough to convince her he was the right kitty.

The next day we picked him up and took him to a vet for chipping, then home. He immediately went under the bed and we didn’t see him again for about a day (he snuck out that night to eat and use the litter box). He eventually came out to say hi and play with some toys. Amy tried to pick him up again and he wouldn’t have any of it. All he was interested in was toys and laying in the window watching birds.

He eventually warmed up to us and started hanging out on our legs when we were watching TV. Eventually he realized he got a lot more pets when sitting on our lap and took to trying to push our laptops off.

One day, I even got a great shot of him after he finished eating and jumped up on my lap.


Colby had a great personality. He loved catnip and tearing apart toys. He also loved tormenting Amy by trying to sneak up on her. When she would notice him and turn around, he’d take off running.

He loved running up and down stairs. Caterwauling at night right after we went to bed. Watching birds out the window while laying in the sun. And he hated raccoons.

There was nothing I liked better than getting up on the weekend, making a cup of coffee, and sitting down with Colby on my lap.

Whenever we would come home, he was happy to see us. He’d roll around on the ground meowing and purring letting us know how happy he was.

About a year after we got him, our vet noticed he had high calcium in his blood. Often, this can be caused by having kidney issues. It can also cause kidney issues, so it can be tough figuring out which is the symptom or cause.

Over the years, we did several blood tests and worked on his diet trying to figure out what was going on with him. Eventually, he started loosing weight and sleeping all the time. He started getting really picky about his food, which he never was before. I got a vet appointment for him, and he hardly ate anything the two days before going to the vet.

It turned out his kidneys finally stopped working. He wasn’t eating because his blood work was getting worse and making his stomach upset. The vet said he wouldn’t last another week, and probably wouldn’t make it through the weekend, since he wasn’t eating. It was time to let him go.

I went through our picture collection looking for a few to post, but couldn’t make up my mind. There’s a “few” following this post. I also added a few videos at the bottom.

He was a great cat. I’m going to miss him a lot. I’m going to miss the weight of him on my legs when I’m trying to roll over in bed to go to sleep while trying not to disturb him. I’m going to miss his impatiently waiting on me to fix his breakfast every morning. I’m going to miss his funny meows when he saw a bird or squirrel out side. How, when he saw a spider in the house, he would walk over to it and just stare at it until we figured out what he was looking at. How he was so impatient when I was sitting down with a blanket and I could hardly get my legs covered before he’d make himself comfortable. And the rolling around on the floor when he was happy to see us come home.

Good night Colby. We’ll miss you. And we’ll see you on the other side of the rainbow bridge. Save us some catnip.

Adopted, April, 2006 – April 2013


2 Responses to Colby

  1. Vicky Mom says:

    Great story and pictures.

  2. nxtplato says:

    Very nicely written, Yancy. Colby was a cool cat, with a great personality. I’ll miss playing with him when we visit, and Amy complaining that he would sit on my lap so easily. He was lucky to have such great people as you & Amy.

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