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Things about the act of blogging.

So much to do! So little time!

So many things to do! Now I’m trying to prioritize all these things! – Raise R. – Keep up to date on security issues (mostly for work). – Learn to be a better programmer (see more below!). – Learn about … Continue reading

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I’ve decided that since I can barely keep up with one blog, that I shouldn’t actually have 3… So, I’m combining my posts here. Hopefully I’ll be posting more. I’m awfully tired of FaceBook, so maybe that will help. … Continue reading

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Time to cleanup the tests!

I’ll be removing some of my test posts shortly. I’m trying to decide if I should import some of my old blogger posts. Not sure yet… I’ll probably go through my old posts and just move some of them over. … Continue reading

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Themes and Looks

Okay, I’ve decided on this theme. I see why it is the most popular. On one hand, I like the idea of being different. Choosing the “most popular” theme is hard for me. However, of all the free themes, this … Continue reading

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Okay, so I realized something today that I think some people were trying to hint to me. Blog posts about not posting anything in a while suck. The people who write them suck. The blogs that post them suck. ENOUGH! … Continue reading

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Great post about writing. The last post I made was about the author Cory Doctorow. The link above is to an article by the same author about writing. I’m still interested in doing writing, so I think I’m going to put some of … Continue reading

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Site updates.

I’ve decided to mostly get rid of, or, at least, suspend most of my activity at I’ll be doing some cleaning there soon. Instead, my public exposure (that sounds so… wrong? or… right?) will be mostly through here. … Continue reading

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