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Diet round… What round am I on again?

Stats: Weight – 228.2 L-UpperArm – 13.5″ R- UpperArm – 13.75″ Waist – 46.5″ Hips – 42.25″ L-Leg – 21.75″ R-Leg – 24.25″ Total inches – 162 I’ve decided to try a new diet. Over the last year, I lost … Continue reading

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Training trip to Victoria!

On May 22nd, some of Amy’s TNT group decided to head up to Victoria to do a pre ride of the bicycle part of the triathlon. I tagged along as support. It was interesting taking the car on the ferry … Continue reading

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Mix beans and tomatoes, and what do you get?

Amy decided that I was going to make chili tonight. We stopped by the store a few days ago and bought a bunch of ingredients. MMMmmmm! Here’s a quick sample of what goes into my particular kind of chili 🙂 … Continue reading

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Wine Tasting 101

So tonight, before the class, I knew I liked wine… Mostly red… Mostly Italian… Thanks to and Jill Zawatski, I now have somewhat of an understanding of WHY I love wine, mostly red, mostly Italian… I love a … … Continue reading

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