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Hacker Media

I just added a new page above, “Hacker Media”, to keep track of various media that involves some form of hacking. Most of them are not even close to realistic, but can still be entertaining. Let me know if I … Continue reading

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Diet round… What round am I on again?

Stats: Weight – 228.2 L-UpperArm – 13.5″ R- UpperArm – 13.75″ Waist – 46.5″ Hips – 42.25″ L-Leg – 21.75″ R-Leg – 24.25″ Total inches – 162 I’ve decided to try a new diet. Over the last year, I lost … Continue reading

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Music again…

Been thinking a lot about music again. I’ve started a new playlist on Spotify for music to introduce to Rory. I just randomly grabbed a song by Eric Clapton to add and have been using the “related artist” to add … Continue reading

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I’ve been going over goals at work for an end of year review. I’ve been thinking I should do something similar for “real life”. 2014 – Basically my only goal for the last  year has been to survive. My son … Continue reading

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After attending B-Sides Seattle, I’ve realized I miss working in the computer security field. I have no regrets about leaving my last security position for my current position, but I’m thinking that I should eventually move back into the security … Continue reading

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Ironman 2016?

Amy is signed up for an Olympic distance triathlon in March with TnT. Want to help fight cancer? She’s taking donations at So what am I doing this year? Well, I wasn’t planning on doing anything, since fund raising … Continue reading

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Important Items

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about what is “important”. I’ve been thinking about work and the time I get to spend with my family. Part of this has involved reading a few interesting books, including Tim Ferris’ “The 4-Hour Work … Continue reading

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