4 mile run/walk after a nice 1/2 mile swim yesterday.

Yesterday I got out my wet suit again. I’ve only been in it one other time, about 3 weeks ago, when I jumped into Lake Washington. I managed to stay in there about 10 minutes before I got too cold and my head started hurting. Yesterday after visiting family, I jumped into Martha Lake. I swam the short distance across the lake and back, so about 1/2 a mile, in about 25 minutes. I wasn’t going for any kind of speed, just feeling out the suit and my technique. I was very happy with the time, though.

Today, I dropped A off with R at the Burke-Gilman Trail, then went down the road to Matthew’s Beach. Unfortunately, I left my garmin at home, so I don’t have any official distances. I think I jogged about a mile straight before a cramp started in my side. I ended up meeting A around 2 1/2 miles up the trail. I ran about 3/4 of the way to her, so I was very surprised. I guess that’s what happens when you lose 35+ lbs! We mostly walked with a little jogging back to Matthew’s Beach and headed home.

The Park to Park Swim is coming up fast, 1.4 miles. I figure if I can knock 5 minutes off of the 1/2 mile I did, 1.4 miles would take me around an hour. That feels like a good target to hit.

Beat the Blerch is coming up at the end of September. I’m okay with my jogging speed. Now I just need to do endurance. I think A and I will probably hit the track on Tuesday and each do a timed mile to see where we are at.

Also, I’m hoping to do a 56 mile bike ride sometime between Park to Park and Beat the Blerch. That way, I can get all the half ironman distances done within a month. Then, maybe I’ll do one or two actual half ironmans next year. Monday, we are meeting our PEPS group and I think I’m going to ride my bicycle there to get a little seat time in.


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