One Year Later, PAX 2012!

One year later and it’s PAX 2012! I didn’t take as many pictures this year, as I was concentrating on playing games and hanging out with friends more. But here are a few I shot.

I got to see a few panels in the Paramount Theater. The interior is AMAZING! I highly suggest finding a reason to go there. Shouldn’t be too hard. They have a variety of things going on there. Should be something you like.

Ceiling of Paramount Theater.

Ceiling of Paramount Theater.

Above the stage in the Paramount Theater.

Above the stage in the Paramount Theater.

The Paramount Theater stage.

The Paramount Theater stage from the second level.

An often visited place was the 5 Hour Energy booth. I doubt 5 Hour Energy got many new clients, but they did reinforce the experience for current clients 🙂

5 Hour Energy booth.

5 Hour Energy booth!

The new Assassins Creed game takes place during the American Revolutionary War. This shirt shows an interesting blend of the Assassins Creed logo and one of the many flags from the war.

Assassins Creed shirt.

Assassins Creed shirt.

While I wasn’t too fond of the game this represented, walking into the main expo hall and seeing a full size replica of a P-51 Mustang was quite the experience!

P-51 Mustang Replica.

P-51 Mustang Replica hanging from the ceiling.

It’s no secret I’m a fan of Wil Wheaton. He’s been working on a show called TableTop that shows people new games to play with the family. One of those is Smallworld, which I ended up buying at PAX. I mean, how can you not when you see this?

Wil Wheaton poster saying "Buy These Now!" under the game Smallworld.

Yes, Mr. Wheaton! I will!

Another view inside the Paramount, from the other side and the bottom level. Absolutely beautiful theater!

Bottom floor, left side of the Paramount Theater.

Bottom floor, left side of the Paramount Theater.

Needing to take a break and find food, I saw this interesting cross between Master Chief from Halo and Captain America. Many of the cos players at PAX are surprisingly artful people with amazing imaginations!

Who new Master Chief was funded by the US?

My favorite cos player of PAX was definitely this person. The Geth, from the Mass Effect series, are a race of robots that gained sentience and rebelled from their creators, the Quarians. The Geth forced the Quarians off their home world, and they now live on a flotilla of space ships. I’ve been surprised how often I see that theme in Sci-Fi!

I was surprised when I saw this and HAD to get a pic!

Here is the last pic inside the Paramount. This is during the “Koo and A” panel. On the right is Stephen Toulouse (aka, Stepto) interviewing Robert Khoo who pretty much runs Penny Arcade for the creators, Mike and Jerry. The interview was filled with great insights about running an online business about comics about games.

Stepto and Khoo in the Paramount.

Khoo, the man behind Mike and Jerry that makes Penny Arcade and PAX work.

And finally, while browsing games, I found this old copy of one of my favorite games, Tsuro. I was surprised to see a ship on the cover instead of the newer dragon. Also, I really like the blue theme a bit more than the newer red one.

Blue Tsuro cover with a blue theme.

What? Tsuro didn’t always have a red dragon on it?!?

And that’s all the pics I have to show. I took many more, but the lighting at PAX makes taking pictures with an iPhone difficult. They tend to blur really easily. But suffice it to say that PAX was again a blast and I can’t wait till next year!

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