First summer swim in the wetsuit. Followed by… HILLS!

Went swimming today in Green Lake in my wetsuit for the first time this summer. I’ve been itching to get into the open water again! I swam about half way across and went back. I would have done the whole lake, but I swam a lot in a pool yesterday and still had to run hills!

FYI, if you swim at Green Lake, you must start your swim at least 25 yards away from the life guard area. If you do, they don’t care if you swim all over the lake. But if you start in the “swim area”, then you can’t swim more than 50 yards from shore or you get in trouble. Whatever 😛

After the swim, Amy and I met with our Team ‘n Training group and warmed up at the Green Lake track. Parking was BAD because it had been such a nice day out. We then started for 63rd and Lyndon to run some hills. On the way, I saw my Captain from when I did the Victoria Triathlon. I talked her into coming with us to do hills. Captain Karin is AMAZING. She did an extra hill loop when the rest of us were done.

The hills were hard, but I actually miss running hills. It’s extremely hard to keep running going up steep hills. But when you make it to the top, the feeling is like nothing else. Well, nothing else except completing an actual event 🙂

Tomorrow, Amy and I are taking the day off and will probably go see a movie. Then back to the training grind on Friday. Only 3 weeks to Chelanman!

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