Rough ride and a bit of a mental recommitment.

Today we did a 45 mile bike ride, including a 3 mile hill. When we started the ride, I was thinking a 3 mile hill wouldn’t be too steep, just long. Boy was I wrong. I walked a bit of that hill today. Of course, this left me a pretty frustrated. The last 5 miles of the ride, I was just trying to keep my legs from cramping (succeeded!). It was strange. I actually felt like I could have run after the bike ride. We were supposed to do a 10-15 minute run, but I was the last rider in and I didn’t want to make everyone wait for bagels. 🙂

I spent a little time talking to Coach Fred about the ride and my frustrations. I was thinking to myself that if I couldn’t even ride a training ride, then how would I be able to do a Half-Ironman?!? But he reminded me that if I concentrate on the training and making sure I’m following the training schedule, I should be fine.

After thinking about it for a bit, I remembered something I thought up some time ago. I’m sure most people have heard the phrase “No pain, no gain”, but I don’t believe in that. What I do believe is “No discomfort, no gain”. Training is about pushing past your comfort zones to make your body adapt and get better. I need to be less comfortable.

Tomorrow, Amy and I are planning to do a run. She mentioned 10 miles, but we’ll see if we have enough time. Then back to swim practice on Monday, which I’m strangely looking forward to (I missed last Monday’s swim due to a flat tire on my car).

You will be mine.

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