New Garmin 310XT and 15 minute intervals, 1 hour.

My wife found out a week ago that she won a contest to win a Polar heart rate monitor (HRM). We went to the web site and looked at all the options they gave her. I have never really used a Polar HRM before, so I have nothing to say about how good or bad they may be. But the HRM I really wanted was the Garmin 310XT. It’s the same watch I got Amy and it would be nice if we could help each other with learning how to use such a complicated watch. The most expensive Polar on the list didn’t have GPS and retailed for $20 more than the Garmin I wanted. We decided on getting that Polar, the RS800CX, and see if we could trade or sell it so I could get the Garmin.

Amy got the delivery of the Polar on Thursday, and took it to REI to see if they would exchange it. She also took her letter from Polar saying she had won the watch in a contest.

We have been REI members for about 2 years. They may not always be the cheapest for sporting goods, but the customer service is AWESOME! They took the Polar watch and gave Amy a new Garmin 310XT plus $20 in store credit, since the Polar retails for more. Amy used the store credit to pick up a new cold weather bicycle jacket she’s been eyeing.

I played around with the Garmin for a few hours Friday night, then woke up early Saturday for my first run with it. We went to Gas Works Park for 15 minute intervals for 1 hour. That’s 15 minutes run, 15 minutes walk, repeat. I figured out quickly how to use intervals on my watch and, after a 10 minute warm up, took of for my run.


My run info.



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