Wednesday Coached Run

Wednesday’s coached run went pretty well. The run was split into two locations, one on the East and one West of Lake Washington. Amy and I went to the East one at Lake Washington High School. Only 6 people showed up, so we got some pretty good one on one coaching from Coach Cathy. It was pretty cold and rainy, but we did some cadence and form work. I can’t tell you how important coaching can be, even for running. Even after only a few sessions, I’m already able to tell a difference in my speed and endurance. The correction in form has been invaluable. If you run at all for any distance, I highly recommend finding a good running coach to give you some pointers.

I also got some new shoes and insoles.

Mizuno Wave Alchemy X10

Click on the picture to go to the Mizuno web site. So far, the shoes are great. They feel lighter than my last shoe and give me a little bit more forward lean. Though that may be due to the shoes being newer and the soles not being collapsed from use.

The insoles I bought are from Orthofeet.

Orthofeet Bio-Soft Sport

I was having an issue with a repetitive stress injury in the ball of my right foot. Apparently, I rotate my foot during my stride and push off with my big toe. These insoles are designed to help me push off  with the entire part of my foot. They also help with my lean 🙂

I’ll report on them again after I’ve run in them a few times.

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