Sick week but showing support!

I came down with a cold on Wednesday, December 1st. This really sucked because there was a coached run at Green Lake where they worked on running cadence, which I’m very curious about. While Amy practiced, I bundled up and slept in the car 🙂 But I did snap a few pictures of them stretching after the run.

Butts in the air!


Calf stretch.


They decided to do the stretching in the near by tennis courts because they were a bit dryer than the wet leaves and grass next to the running track.


Thursday and Friday I worked from the couch at home. Than Saturday was a running gear clinic followed by a short run. I felt better and went to the gear clinic. Most of the information I already knew from taking my wife to her training sessions last year. But a refresher course is nice. Also, I tend to pay more attention when the advice being given will affect MY race instead of my wife’s 😛


Every Day Athlete

The gear clinic was at Every Day Athlete. They are an awesome store! Two owners, Lance and Wade, have both coached TnT teams. Wade coached Amy last year for her Half Ironman. I highly recommend them.


I was still feeling a little ill, so when the rest of the TnT group went for a run I decided to try on some new running shoes. I get to pick them up Wednesday 😀

This morning I was feeling better. Amy and I have been doing a circuit class with Cathy McNair on Sundays. Cathy was Amy’s first triathlon coach, when she went to Hawaii for Lavaman. Since I was feeling so much better, I decided to jump in and start exercising again. I’m so glad I did. I fell much better this evening. Even after doing all those burpies for “extra points” at the end 😛

Monday is going to be a rest day, then Tuesday Amy and I will be training with Cathy again, doing mostly core strengthening. Then Wednesday a run with my new shoes at Lake Washington High School.

It’s going to be a busy week 🙂

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