5 mile run.

Did a 5 mile run this morning with my wife and TnT mentor Sarah after attempting to drown myself in a nearby YMCA pool.

I’ve figured out part of my issue with swimming. I windmill my arms. But you’re not supposed to start your next arm’s stroke until the other arm is almost done. This works fine until I try to take a breathe. When I try to breath, I sink. I always end up at the end of the lane out of breath and exhausted… But I got faster now that I’m not windmilling so much.

The 5 mile run after the swim went better. The temperature is in the upper 30’s so it’s cold, but most of the ice has melted. We only had to be careful on the bridges. I’m starting to figure out how to dress properly in cold weather. If I’m cold when I start, then I’m perfect 🙂 I tend to sweat a lot, so it’s important for me to wear wicking layers. But not too many layers, or I’ll over heat and get dehydrated. We ran on a mix of gravel and paved trails in Bothell. The trail meanders through lots of office buildings, so we only had to cross a couple of roads and only 2 lights. It’s nice when you don’t have to stop too much and accidentally cool down.

After the last week mostly not exercising combined with the eating habits of Turkey Day, I was pleasantly surprised at how my running went. I was able to keep up fairly well with Amy, though Sarah ran circles around us both… Literally at times 🙂

Here’s our route.

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