Post Kick Off Party!

Had a great time at the Team in Training Kick Off Party. Meet some fantastic people, a lot of whom I am fortunate to have on my team.

Some of the crowd.

There were a ton of people there. Some of the teams are doing a hike in the Grand Canyon, a couple different Marathons, including one in Paris, an Olympic Triathlon in Kona, Hawaii, and our NewBalance Half-Ironman in Victoria.


There’s Megan giving a speech. She’s a Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) worker. Her job is to help coordinate meetings, get coaches for the teams, help us with fund-raising, and be our connection to LLS.

Team Coaches

Here are our coaches. They are amazing. The lady in front in the white shirt is Coach Cathy. She was Amy’s first Team in Training coach for Lavaman Olympic Tri. Since then, Amy and I have done some personal training with her. She’s coaching Lavaman again this year. I was hoping to talk her into coaching the New Balance Half-Iron, but the Half-Iron and Olympic triathletes are training together for the winter, so she’s still one of my coaches for now. She is a breast cancer survivor, but was also recently re-diagnosed with it. Fortunately it was caught early and should be easily treatable. But this is not slowing down her coaching at all.

Our main coach this year is Fred, standing to the left of Cathy. He’s pretty funny and has a really infectious laugh. His coaching style is very much like Cathy’s, so I’m very excited to get started.

Honored Team Mates

And these are some of the people who I’m doing the Half-Ironman for. They are the Honored Team Mates. These are survivors of blood cancers. Most of them are going to train and do the events with us. These people are still alive today because of programs like LLS and the donations of money and time by millions of people. If someone asks you to donate to Team in Training and LLS, these are the people your helping.

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