First two weeks of training.

Between the new job and starting training, I’m just now finding time to catch up on my posts!

We started training off with a coached run at Roosevelt High School track. It was dark, but the track was very smooth and nice to run on. It was my first coached session with Coach Fred. I can already tell I’m going to learn a lot from him. The entire New Balance Half-Iron team and the much larger Lavaman Olympic team were combined for the run night. There were probably 50 – 60 people. It was a crowded track, but a lot of fun.

The next Saturday, Amy and I did the Pineapple Classic, so we had to skip the first bike practice.

On the next Wednesday, we had our second run practice at Lake Washington High School. I like this track better because not only is it much closer, only 3.4 miles from where I live, but it’s also much better lit at night. There’s also kids practicing soccer in the middle of the track. That helps distract me so the time goes by faster. There were probably only 40 or so of us at this run practice. In the future, Coach Fred and Cathy plan to split the run practices between the east and west side of the lake to make it easier for everyone to attend.

Friday night, Amy and I went to Medger Evans Pool in Seattle for our first swim practice. This was New Balance Half-Iron people only, so there were about 11 of us that showed up. Amy was the only person in the fastest lane 🙂

I shared the second to slowest lane with one of our team mates. I have a LOT of work to do. It turns out that part of my free style swimming problem is that I windmill my arms a lot. This causes me to slow down in the water and makes breathing much more difficult. I think I drank half the pool before we were done.

This morning a bunch of New Balance and Lavaman team members met at Pioneer Park on Mercer Island. Our coaches had a “Name Game” for us to help us meet and learn about each other. We took 3 wooden cloths pins and wrote our names on them. Each cloths pin then went into a different bag. The bags were then carried around a heavily wooded and trailed park by two team captains and Coach Fred. They are pretty much the fastest runners in the group.

The three of them got a 2 minute head start, then the rest of us had to run and catch them. When we caught them, we would grab a cloths pin out of the bag and have to find the person whose name was on the pin.

Once you finally found them, you then had to go back to the starting point and turn in the pin to Coach Cathy. But she would only accept the pin if you told her something you both had in common that was not triathlon or favorite food specific.

Typically I don’t like these types of games. Anything where someone else’s success depends on me makes me feel bad if the other person doesn’t win.

But I did get to meet some Lavaman trainees that I probably wouldn’t have met otherwise.

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