Proof of Insanity

Today I found out I’m insane. I just rode my bike 44.15 miles. Not to raise money for a good cause. Not because I was being paid. Not even because my wife made me. I did it because it was fun. Yep, fun. Proof of my insanity.

Ready to Ride! 0 Miles.

Just getting ready to ride. It was still over cast and cool when I left. Boy did that not last long!

I made sure to bring 2 water bottles with electrolyte mix, a couple of Gu gels, 2 extra packets of electrolyte mix, and a couple of snack bars. Lots of calories for a long ride!

First stop at Bothell Landing. 7.5 Miles.

My first stop was Bothell Landing. It’s a nice, easy, flat ride. I wasn’t sure if I’d be up to a long ride today. I figured if I didn’t feel good, I could always turn around here. I felt great to be outside on the bike and only stopped long enough to snap a pic and take a drink of water.

Quick stop at Log Boom Park. 11.5 Miles.

Log Boom Park is the first place I ever fell over on my bike. It takes some getting use to riding with one’s feet clipped into the peddles. I think the worst thing about that day was that there were children all over the toys in the back ground. Today was much better. I was actually surprised how few people were at the park. Only a few other riders stopping for the bathroom or to catch their breaths. Another quick stop for me, as I was still feeling pretty good.

Matthews Beach. Amy's favorite spot to take a bike break. 16.6 Miles.

One of my Wife’s favorite rides is to Matthew’s Beach and back. It’s a decent distance, but still pretty flat the whole way. It has a nice sandy beach, bathrooms, and water. A really good stop on a long ride. I spent a bit of time here people and boat watching. It was time to eat a Gu gel and refill a water bottle. This was the farthest along the Burk-Gilman trail I had ridden until today.

Husky Stadium. 22.22 Miles.

I followed the Burke-Gilman trail until I got to Husky Stadium. Here I had to turn off the trail and start riding in some Streets. Most of them were residential, so it wasn’t really that bad. There are so many bicycles in Seattle, that people are pretty good about watching out for us.

The last time I saw Husky stadium from here, I drove the car 🙂

Montlake Bridge over the Lake Washington to Lake Union canal. 22.53 Miles.

A short distance past Husky Stadium, I went over a bridge that spanned this canal. It connects Lake Washington and Lake Union. I was surprised there were no boats in the canal. It’s usually very busy!

My chiropractor's office. ~26 Miles.

Once I got a little farther down the road, I decided to stop by my chiropractor’s office to say hi. I didn’t have an appointment, but I thought I’d see if he was busy for a chat. I ended up staying there for almost an hour. 🙂 It was a nice break. I got to eat some Gu chew snacks and refill my water bottle again.

I90 floating bridge. 28.2 Miles.

Back on the road, I had a nice ride along Lake Washington Blvd. There were a few hills, but I was feeling pretty good still. When I got to the I90 bridge, there is a nice path the loops up a hill and around to the I90 path. However, there was a gate across it… But there were stairs next to it. So I got to climb several flights of stairs carrying my bike. Good thing it’s light! I took a few minuets at the top of the stairs, then took the picture above. Time to ride across the lake! About half way across the bridge, my legs started to get sore. I think the climb up the stairs sapped a lot of my strength. The climb up the other side of the bridge was pretty grueling.

Park on Mercer Island. 30.38 Miles.

Fortunately, a short distance on Mercer Island is a nice park with a bathroom and water. I stopped for a while to let my quads recover a bit and ate a LaraBar. After refilling my water bottle again, I headed on to the next bridge and Bellevue.

Riding in Bellevue was not as bad as I thought it would be. 112th is 2 lanes with very light traffic. Then I crossed I405 on Main St, which was almost deserted of cars and had several other bikers on it. Up 116th to cross 8th NE at a light, and I was at Sportzal.

Sportzal in Bellevue. 36.39 Miles.

I needed another break, so I thought I’d stop at Sportzal where my trainer works. I was hoping to surprise her with my ride, but no one was there. Catch you next time, Cathy!

I did some more stretching, as my legs were getting sore again, then I headed on up the road to the 520 bike trail. There’s a pretty good hill you have to climb to get to the beginning of the trail. Fortunately there’s a nice wide bike lane. Unfortunately, I had my first real leg cramp about half way up the hill. I stopped and stretched. Drank some water and ate my last Gu gel. A few bikers went by, then I started climbing up the hill again. I barely made it to the top and had a decent slightly down hill ride until the hill going up to 148th. I ended up walking the last half of that hill, as my legs were pretty much done at this point. Fortunately, it wasn’t very long.

From 148th, there’s enough down hills that you can coast on the up hills and make it pretty well. The ride from 51st down into Redmond is a fast decent. I hit my top speed of 34mph. I’ve gone faster there, but I couldn’t even peddle downhill. A nice flat ride after that and I was at a nice park in Redmond.

Park in Redmond. 42.89 Miles.

At this point, I was only about 1 mile from home. I drank the last of my water and spent some time in the sun. Then I headed home to say hi to my cat.

A great way to spend the day while my Wife is away. Even if it is proof that I’m crazy! 😛

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3 Responses to Proof of Insanity

  1. Mike says:

    Nobody really needed further evidence of your insanity…. Nice ride, though.

  2. Amy Lynn says:

    Good job Yancy! I’m proud of you and really enjoyed getting the text updates while I was in Tonasket. Love you!

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