Training trip to Victoria!

On May 22nd, some of Amy’s TNT group decided to head up to Victoria to do a pre ride of the bicycle part of the triathlon. I tagged along as support.

It was interesting taking the car on the ferry to Canada. I’ve been on the Washington State Ferries many times. But the Blackball Ferry was surprisingly different. The ferry opened on the back, like a regular WA ferry, but instead of the front being the same, it had a door on the side to let people load/unload in Victoria. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any good pics of the boat…

Amy and I beat the rest of her team on the ferry. They decided to walk on with their bikes to save money. Smart move, as the price for cars is pretty steep!

Here’s Amy waiting on the boat for the rest of the team.

Amy on the Blackball Ferry, waiting to start the crossing.

Once we got across the Strait of Juan de Fuca, we quickly made it through customs and stopped across the street so Amy could meet up with her team. They headed up to Elk Lake, where the triathlon will start. I took one of Amy’s team members to a really neat bicycle shop called Fort Street Cycle. Highly recommended!

We then headed up Highway 17 about 10 miles to Elk Lake Park.

Elk Lake Park sign.

Elk lake is very interesting in that the South part of the lake has a different name… Beaver Lake. Not sure why it has two names, as it is the same actual lake.

Amy’s team headed out on the bicycle loop while I waited behind. If they needed anything from the support call, they would call me. I decided to take a couple of pictures of the park.

This is where the swim part of the triathlon will take place.

The most likely transition area.

It was really hot out. I was thinking of putting a sleeping bag under a tree and taking a nap. But first, I was starting to get a little hungry. I walked a couple of blocks to a mini mart and found this!

Dark Chocolate KitKat!?!

I haven’t had a KitKat in years and didn’t know they made dark chocolate ones. Do they even sell these in the US? Now here’s a reason to move north!

As I was sitting and eating my snack in the car, I noticed a really dark cloud over head. All the sudden, the sky opened up and POURED rain. I kinda felt sorry for the bicyclists. But I think it was good experience for them.

After they got back to the car, we all headed back to downtown Victoria. Amy fell asleep in the car while we waited for the rest of her team to catch up. I decided to take a little walk around the harbor.

Right next to the harbor is the Parliament Building. It was “Canada Day”, so there were tons of school children on the lawn in front of the building. I’m hoping to take a tour when we go back up for the real triathlon.

A statue of Queen Victoria and the Parliament Building.

Another shot of the Parliament Building.

For some reason, I really like the look of green copper roofing 😀

Across the street is “The Empress”. It’s a really fancy hotel. Every day they serve tea at Tea Time. The architecture looks almost exactly as I remember the Banff Springs Hotel.

A distant shot of "The Empress" Hotel.

After my walk, all of us went to a nice restaurant across the street from the ferry. They had a deck that was empty due to wind, so the entire team was allowed to leave their bikes on it. It was nice because no one had to worry about locking anything up.

On the way home, a lot of people ended up sleeping on the boat. This was helped by the rocking of the giant waives in the strait. I love walking around a walking boat, though, so I couldn’t really sleep.

Amy caught a picture of me watching the clouds out the window.

Watching the clouds on the way home.

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