Heaven, Hell, and Everything In Between

I find myself in an interesting position today. I decided to bring my wife’s MacBook to work with me. All my music is stored on it for ease of use with my iPhone. I’m slowly weeding down my music collection since my wife and I split our collections apart. There’s a lot of stuff in my list that I’m just not interested in keeping since only my wife listens to it.

Here I am at work with a MacBook on my left, an XP box in front of me, and an OpenBSD box on my right. All connected together using the same keyboard and mouse thanks to a nifty little program called Synergy.

Ever since I found out I’m being off shored, I’ve felt a little bit less geeky than normal. I think it’s affecting my job search. I decided to wear my “Wil says ‘Don’t Be A Dick'” shirt today to try to boost my geeky feeling. Little did I know the boost I would get realizing I’ve got 3 totally different OSs running pretty well doing 3 different things all at once.

Yeah, I think I’m back.

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2 Responses to Heaven, Hell, and Everything In Between

  1. IJ says:

    But the real question is, why didn’t code monkey played on a constant loop just fix this? Or the new radio free burrito?

  2. beowuff says:

    Hmmm… Well, I think the latest RFB gave me the idea to wear the shirt, so that helped…

    And JoCo is a little lost in all the crappy music I’m cleaning out of my play list. Hopefully he’ll start showing up more 🙂

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