Mix beans and tomatoes, and what do you get?

Amy decided that I was going to make chili tonight. We stopped by the store a few days ago and bought a bunch of ingredients. MMMmmmm!

Here’s a quick sample of what goes into my particular kind of chili 🙂

Ground Buffalo

First is buffalo. Mmm! In the pan you go!

Red Bell Pepper

Decided to add a little red bell pepper. Sometimes I do a jalapeño, but this time I wanted to not make it too hot…


I only recently started adding tomatillos to my chili. I like the added flavor and texture they give. But I’m also a big fan of salsa verde 😀

Time to start cooking!

In the pot it all goes! Let see, there’s sweet onion and portobello mushroom in there too!


Just a few of the spices I like to add 🙂

Almost done browning!

This parts getting close… Time to start opening cans!


Let’s see… 3 kinds of beans… olives… diced italian tomatoes… Ready for the pot!

Left over steak!

Oh yes, and don’t forget the left over steak from 2 nights ago. Which we had for dinner just so we would have some left over for chili 😀

Just heat and serve!

All stirred up! Just let it cook for a bit together and it’s feast time!


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One Response to Mix beans and tomatoes, and what do you get?

  1. Amy Lynn says:

    You make the best chili ever!!! Love you!
    (:Amy Lynn:)

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