Forced meditation.

One thing most people learn when riding a motorcycle is that you can’t really think about anything else while you’re doing it. You have to watch for “cagers” trying to kill you, bicycle riders trying to kill themselves by swerving in to you, unseen gravel on corners, and squirrels, hawks, dogs, cats, and other various wildlife who think you might be food.

And yet for all these things you have to think about, riding the motorcycle is one of the most relaxing activities I’ve ever done. I think it comes down to being forced into a kind of meditative state while riding. You can’t really think about anything OTHER than riding the bike. If you get distracted, you might miss something literally coming your way!

On Wednesday, I was felling a little out of sorts. I decided to go for a nice long ride home from work:

It was a really nice peaceful ride. The only traffic I hit was going down Novelty Hill Road. And that’s okay, because it’s pretty steep, so I don’t go down it very fast anyway.

There were a ton of motorcycles and bicycles out. There was lots of waving and generally having a good time. The roads were clear of gravel and branches.

I made a few stops, but only took one picture.

Tolt Road bridge.

This is the Tolt Road bridge. It’s just south of Carnation. They just finished the bridge last year, but as you can see are still working on the landscaping around the area. I can’t wait till they’re done, as it would be a nice challenging bicycle ride.

I also saw a bald eagle just north of Carnation sitting in an old snag about 30 feet above the road. It kind of surprised me because no one was slowing down to look at it 🙂

I finally got home and put the bike away, relaxed and ready for the evening.

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