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Heaven, Hell, and Everything In Between

I find myself in an interesting position today. I decided to bring my wife’s MacBook to work with me. All my music is stored on it for ease of use with my iPhone. I’m slowly weeding down my music collection … Continue reading

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Mix beans and tomatoes, and what do you get?

Amy decided that I was going to make chili tonight. We stopped by the store a few days ago and bought a bunch of ingredients. MMMmmmm! Here’s a quick sample of what goes into my particular kind of chili 🙂 … Continue reading

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Forced meditation.

One thing most people learn when riding a motorcycle is that you can’t really think about anything else while you’re doing it. You have to watch for “cagers” trying to kill you, bicycle riders trying to kill themselves by swerving … Continue reading

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Hill climb of hell, conquered!

On May 4th, I was working out with my trainer, Cathy, when I mentioned that one of my goals was to ride my bike to training some day. I said someday because I was thinking about the hills between Redmond … Continue reading

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w00tstock 2.0

On Friday, I went to a little event with some friends and my wife called “w00tstock 2.0”. Some of you already know what that is. For those that don’t, check out this link. I’ll wait. w00tstock is basically a variety … Continue reading

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Time to cleanup the tests!

I’ll be removing some of my test posts shortly. I’m trying to decide if I should import some of my old blogger posts. Not sure yet… I’ll probably go through my old posts and just move some of them over. … Continue reading

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Themes and Looks

Okay, I’ve decided on this theme. I see why it is the most popular. On one hand, I like the idea of being different. Choosing the “most popular” theme is hard for me. However, of all the free themes, this … Continue reading

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