1 bhp grass chompin and fertalizin’ machines!

So, there I was spending the day at work reading a forum I frequent about Ninja 250’s. There is a thread someone started about trying to buy a motorcycle behind his mother’s back, as his mother doesn’t approve of them. Now, this guy is 18+, so the majority of us kept telling this guy to just move out and get his bike…

Anyway, eventually people started talking about their pets and how the thread was hijacked and a train wreak. The next thing I know, a person posts a pick of a guy beating a dead horse.

What did I suddenly post? “Horses make good pets too!”

And later “I’m thinking of upgrading some day…” followed by this pic:

That got the best laughs and “LOL!”s that I’ve ever gotten on a forum. But then, it got me thinking…

I suddenly feel the urge to buy a horse…

Now, this is, of course, entirety impractical. I could not afford any horse right now and would have nowhere to keep one. As a matter of fact, I grew up with horses around and hatted ridding them. But I loved going out and talking to them. I even liked brushing them. Well kept horses have a certain sent to them that just makes me happy… As long as my own two feet are on the ground.

So, I spent the last half of the day at work looking at different kinds of horses. There’s a few types of horses that have what’s called an “Ambling Gate.” This means that instead of trotting, which quickly tires out a horse, it does a “fast walk.” Some breads can amble faster than others can trot, and it doesn’t tire the horse out. Plus, it’s very smooth, just like walking.

Suddenly, for the first time since I was probably 5, I kinda… just a bit… want to ride a horse…

So, to all those people who rode 150 hp or 80 hp bikes and went down to a 32 hp 250cc Ninja and love it… Oh yeah? Well, I’m thinking of going all they way down to 1 hp, so there!

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One Response to 1 bhp grass chompin and fertalizin’ machines!

  1. Amy Lynn says:

    LOL. And LOVE this pic! :O)

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