SGU vs Sounders!

StarGate: Universe was pretty good. It was a bit rough in places, but it was the pilot, so there’s hope for a great new Sci-Fi show. It actually made me want to go back and watch the old SG:1 and SG:Atlantis shows. Might try to start picking them up at Half Price Books… 😛

Soccer game today @ 4:30 pm PST. Sounders vs Crew in Chicago. We really need a win. Here’s hoping to see the Freddie to Freddie pass and the header by Nate. Bicycle by Osvaldo would be neat! 😛
On another note, real Irish Cream in coffee is good. That is all.
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One Response to SGU vs Sounders!

  1. Amy Lynn says:

    Irish Cream…. Ohhhhhh…. Ya baby!

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