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Watched StarGate: Universe last night. It’s getting pretty good. I really like the Eli character. Some people were concerned it would be too much like Star Trek Voyager, but I can assure you it’s NOT. Also, while there are SOME … Continue reading

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1 bhp grass chompin and fertalizin’ machines!

So, there I was spending the day at work reading a forum I frequent about Ninja 250’s. There is a thread someone started about trying to buy a motorcycle behind his mother’s back, as his mother doesn’t approve of them. … Continue reading

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SGU vs Sounders!

StarGate: Universe was pretty good. It was a bit rough in places, but it was the pilot, so there’s hope for a great new Sci-Fi show. It actually made me want to go back and watch the old SG:1 and … Continue reading

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Okay, so I realized something today that I think some people were trying to hint to me. Blog posts about not posting anything in a while suck. The people who write them suck. The blogs that post them suck. ENOUGH! … Continue reading

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