2 things.

1) I am, for some reason, leaning more towards BMW then Ducati… That is a strange sensation for me.

2) Why is it that when I take a shower in the morning, I have all these good ideas? Perhaps the refreshing feeling and waking up help the synapses connect?
I often have these ideas right as I’m starting my shower… Yet, by the time I get to the computer, the ideas have mysteriously changed. Often, the ideas I know where the best are simply gone. I cannot remember them. Other ones change to the point they are no longer recognizable. After some thought, these changed ideas are often shown to be deeply flawed.
Yet, I know the original ideas, forgotten or changed, were masterpieces of genius… I think, perhaps, I need a voice recorder set just outside the shower to help me capture some of my thoughts. Still, I’m not sure I want to subject my wife to my mental ramblings that early in the morning… She already thinks I’m crazy.
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