Heading out on Vacation…

We took Highway 20 through Winthrope and Twisp to Oroville. About half the vehicles we saw on the way to Twisp were motorcycles! They were everywhere!

Here we are taking a break at Diablo Lake Lookout.

Here, you can see the clouds are pretty close to us. We got sprinkled on several times on the way up the pass.

A shiny bike in a sun break!

I always like stopping here. The lake is an amazing teal color.

Amy with her hair blowing in the wind. There were several… “interesting” gusts on the climb up to the lookout…

Here, we’re getting close to the top of the pass. The knife edged mountains in the distance were drenched in sun light. From here on, we left the sprinkles behind.

Before leaving on the trip, I researched some places to eat. This one in Twisp caught my eye. When we pulled up and saw all the bikes, I knew it was going to be good!

For anyone looking for the place, here’s the sign.

And here’s proof that the food satisfies.

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