Well, I finally got all the parts together to put my bike back in working order. It was so nice riding to work yesterday. Coming home, the weather was perfect! Not too hot, not too cold.

I’ve noticed the bike is shifting a lot better. It’s amazing what a little clean oil in a wet clutch can do! Also, I’ve been wringing the bike out a bit more when I’m riding alone… I hit 55 in 3rd gear yesterday doing about 11,500 RPM. Not too shabby for a 250. I think this bike would be a blast on a track…

I also started modifying my bike a bit… I took off the rear pegs… Nothing fancy, but it’s a start. I really want a new seat (Corbin?) and windshield… And tires! But I think I’ll wait on the tires till next year. They’re stock, but seem okay on the traction.

I think I’ll be doing the oil on Amy’s bike today. She’s recovering from nasal surgery, so I really don’t think she’s up to it. But, it would give her an excuse to come sit outside while I work on her bike…

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