Bloomsday, Spokane, WA!!!

Amy and I are in Spokane tonight at the Davenport Hotel. We’re signed up for the 7.5 mile Bloomsday race tomorrow, Sunday May 4th.
I think it’s going to be a bit painful, as we haven’t really trained for it, but I still think it’ll be fun. I’m really looking forward to seeing what the new shirt looks like…

Also, Amy’s getting nasal surgery on Tuesday. That’ll be kind of interesting for me, although I’ll have at least a week of having to take care of Amy… At least I get a 4 day weekend.

On top of that, I’ve done some Motorcycle work. I’ve changed my bikes oil again and cleaned the oil screen. Now I’m waiting on a few parts to put everything back together… Hopefully early next week, as the weather is starting to look decent for riding…

Amy also got a new MacBook, so I’m looking forward to learning OSX with her and maybe doing some programming and scripting on it… We’ll see what she lets me do…

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