Motorcycle Maintanence Class!!!

So, my wife and I went to our first of seven motorcycle maintenance classes last night. We had a lot of fun and have already learned a ton of stuff about valves and general up keep including how to store your bike.

The number one rule? Work on your bike as soon as you get home from the ride!

That way, when your friends call you up Saturday morning to go for a ride, you can just hope on the bike and go instead of having to wax your chain, fill up your tank, and maybe change the oil!

Next week is carburation and EFI. I’m really looking forward to this class because I need to sync my carbs for part of my 3000 mile maintenance ( Which is a little over do… shh… Don’t tell my bike 😛 )

For those who like pics…

Silly sun kitty,
Stretch out and meow his sigh,
Warm fur in the sun.

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