Fatal Flaw…

Hello, my name is Beowuff, and I am a… perfectionist…

Now, that’s something I never thought I’d call myself. But, I realized it recently while trying, yes trying to play, Oblivion…

See when I bought the game, I thought the mechanics for levelling worked a certain way that was very different from Marrowind. I was very much looking forward to a better gaming experience due to what I thought were differences in the games… Turns out I was wrong… See, I didn’t like the way levelling worked in Oblivion. So, what’d I do? I cheated and found a way to put myself at level 33 with maxed stats.

There, I thought. Now I don’t have to worry about levelling. But that cheating fundamentally changed the game. I have less to look forward to while playing… And now, I have very little interest in playing the game.

So, what led to my cheating? I was afraid that, due to the way levelling works, that I wouldn’t have the “perfect” character and that would cause me to have less fun playing.

I then started looking at other parts of my life…

I would love to learn Ruby on Rails, but every time I start setting up a server to play with Rails on, I get stuck in the details of the server, and never get to playing with code.

At least I figured out what the issue is so I can try to deal with it… 😛

PS, This also explains my love of RTS games, as I can build a defense, and then upgrade my troops to “perfect” status and walk over the enemy… Oh Blizzard, where’s StarCraft 2?!?

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