Wine Tasting 101

So tonight, before the class, I knew I liked wine… Mostly red… Mostly Italian…

Thanks to and Jill Zawatski, I now have somewhat of an understanding of WHY I love wine, mostly red, mostly Italian…

I love a … Full bodied, non-oak Chianti… Woo Hoo I sound like a pro!

So, after meeting in Northgate at, we were greeted by friendly people all around. Not only the people who own the place, but also people from, with whom we planned to attend the event.

They provided plenty of crackers and a variety of cheese to help ease the stomachs, then off to the tasting!

We started with a white wine which, while not my favorite, the non-oak was QUITE good. Too bad I can’t remember what it was πŸ˜›Β Then, on to reds and how to “swirl” and taste… Really good information… I’m sure I’ll remember more in the morning, after my head clears πŸ˜›

Long story short, the 7 Deadly Zins was my favorite. Probably because it reminded me of the Chianti… Though I won’t forget the… wait… was it the Shiraz I thought tasted like dirty socks??? πŸ˜›

Oh well… fun all around, and I can’t wait till next time!

And see more pictures at

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