Diet round… What round am I on again?


Weight – 228.2
L-UpperArm – 13.5″
R- UpperArm – 13.75″
Waist – 46.5″
Hips – 42.25″
L-Leg – 21.75″
R-Leg – 24.25″
Total inches – 162

I’ve decided to try a new diet. Over the last year, I lost 40 lbs, but gained 28 of them back. I just couldn’t do the Medifast diet anymore. Sure, they have 70 kinds of meals, but 90% of them I couldn’t stand and I just got… tired of the rest. Also, I always felt hungry. Maybe because I couldn’t stick to the plan 100% 7 days a week?

Now, I’m going to try “4 Hour Body” by Tim Ferris. It’s basically a slow carb diet with a cheat day once a week. I think I can do that. Also, I need to get some kettle bells. Kettle bell swings are suggested as a full body workout to help keep things moving.

So, I’m putting my stats on here and will probably be posting about them once a week. Since my cheat day will be Saturdays, I’ll normally post them on sometime Friday evening. Just starting the diet tomorrow, so I wanted to get my current stats up.

Also, I’ll be starting some kind of photo feed somewhere with what I’m eating six days a week (no pics on cheat day!). I’ll keep it separate so I don’t bombard people with my food. I’ll post a link as soon as it’s setup. I do encourage people to check it out. If you see something suspicious or I don’t post anything on it for a day, please call me out on it! Maybe Instagram?

Also looking for ideas for motivation. Something monetary, like if I cheat, I donate money to something… Or Amy gets to get a manicure…? Give me ideas!

– Beowuff

Music again…

Been thinking a lot about music again. I’ve started a new playlist on Spotify for music to introduce to Rory. I just randomly grabbed a song by Eric Clapton to add and have been using the “related artist” to add more. Besides Clapton, so far I’ve got…
Eurythmics, Cream, Derek & The Dominos, Jimi Hendrix, Santana, The Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd, ZZ Top, Led Zeppelin, Steve Miller Band, Dire Straits, and Stevie Ray Vaughan. I’m also going to include some classical, like Mozart, and some Electronic, like Daft Punk.

Who else would you include on a must introduce list?

I… Honestly couldn’t bring myself to add Pink Floyd. I put on Another Brick IN The Wall, Part2 and… I have such mixed emotions about that song. My shoulders actually tensed up. I think I’ll have to sleep on that one…


I’ve been going over goals at work for an end of year review. I’ve been thinking I should do something similar for “real life”.

2014 – Basically my only goal for the last  year has been to survive. My son is now 11 months old and I think my wife and I are doing pretty good. Over all, I think last year has been pretty much “win”.

So, goals for 2015. I’ve been thinking a lot about these. Here are some things I think I can accomplish.

1) Learn a new language. I’ve had a half-year of Latin, which was a lot of fun and has allowed me to learn roots of words. Etymology (study of the origin of words) has become a small hobby of mine. I’ve tried to learn Spanish in the past, but for some reason I have a lot of difficulty sticking to it. I think I may need to just try to pick something that can keep my interest longer. I’ve heard Dutch is a good language for English speakers to learn, as they are very close. I may have to take a look at it.

2) Try to hit 175 lbs. I’m currently around 215. I had gotten down to 199 at one point. I can’t remember the last time I was at 175. Maybe 9th grade? I know I can do it. I just need to keep motivated!

3) Do some kind of event. I need to think about this a bit more. Getting time to exercise right now is pretty tough. I come home from work and often need to give Amy some time away from the kid. Some of that time is her training for her Olympic triathlon in Hawaii in March. That means I don’t really get any good time to train. I’ll have to think about this some more.

4) Come up with some passive type of income. I’ve been thinking a lot about this one as well. Maybe trying to come up with some sort of online class, like how to secure an EC2 instance. The problem I’m having here is maintaining interest. At the same time, if I can get some passive income going, I’ll have more time to do other things that I like more. I think I may need to break this down into some separate steps to help me achieve the goal.

5) Learn more about myself. I think if I can pierce some more of my own illusions and learn more about myself, I may come up with some more ideas for passive income that I’ll actually be able to complete. This is a bit of a tricky one, as we are all very good at lying to ourselves.


After attending B-Sides Seattle, I’ve realized I miss working in the computer security field. I have no regrets about leaving my last security position for my current position, but I’m thinking that I should eventually move back into the security field. To keep myself sharp, I’m installing Kali Linux on a raspberry pi I have lying around. I’m also planning on banging on an install of Damn Vulnerable Linux, or a similar install.

Any suggestions on things to study/play with would be welcome!

Ironman 2016?

Amy is signed up for an Olympic distance triathlon in March with TnT. Want to help fight cancer? She’s taking donations at

So what am I doing this year? Well, I wasn’t planning on doing anything, since fund raising for both of us at the same time is difficult. I was thinking of trying to do the Victoria half ironman again next year, since it’ll be my turn :)

But then… I heard of an offer that if you do Victoria or Lavaman this year and increase your fund raising amount by $1000, then you can also train with the team for a full ironman! I’m really hoping they do it again next year, because I think that would not only give me enough time to get in shape enough to actually finish an Ironman, but I think I could handle the fund raising then too!

So… Ironman 2016? What do you think?

I also noticed a couple marathons this season, including one on June 13. The fund raising for it is minimal. I’m thinking of joing up for it. I’m not sure about the fund raising on top of what Amy needs to raise for her triathlon, but I’d have a little time to figure that out before I’m committed.

In the mean time, I’ve got several books to look over to think about 2016 :)

Joe Friel’s “The Triathlete’s Training Bible”
JoeFriel & Gordon Byrn’s “Going Long, Traing for Ironman-Distance Triathlons”
Gale Bernhardt’s “Training Plans for Multisport Athletes”

Important Items

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about what is “important”. I’ve been thinking about work and the time I get to spend with my family. Part of this has involved reading a few interesting books, including Tim Ferris’ “The 4-Hour Work Week” and Chris Guillebeau’s “The $100 Startup”. Both are great books, Tim’s book offering more direct practical advise, such as specific questions for specific issues to help you run a business from anywhere in the world. Chris’s more generic advice for starting up a small lean company without going into debt. I’ve also been reading a lot of, by Tyler Tervooren and listening to Tim Ferris’ Pod cast, “The Tim Ferris Show”.
I tend to listen to a lot of podcasts while at work, so I’m not always paying 100% attention, but today I was listening to the second part of an interview Tim Ferris did with Tony Robbins. During the interview, something they were discussing really caught my attention. They were talking about investments and how we are all investing. Even not making “investment” choices is choosing a type of investment. Most of us choose to invest our time for a return of money. The idea being to separate your money from your time so you can spend more of the time on things you want, since we all have a finite amount of time. Then, Tony mentioned a list of items that we SHOULD be spending our time on instead.




How you use your time.

These really struck me as things I’ve been neglecting and should, instead, be focusing my time on. I really encourage people to listen to Tim’s interviews. The interview with Tony Robbins is about 2 hours long, but the discussions Tim has with his interviewees are always very insightful. I was going to put a list of some of the people Tim has interviewed, but… it just got too long. Check them out!
There are some fascinating people on there.
The best part of Tim’s podcast and these books are that they are thought provoking and really make me think. I think the next step will be to go over the list above and think about how they apply to me personally.
And with that, I’ll leave you with this little tune. I love the words. I think it’s a good theme song for me right now. I’m not sure about the video. It did make me laugh, though :)

It’s all in the focus of the story.

I’ve discovered something recently. While playing games on my PC, I’ve realized how dissatisfied I’ve been. I think back to all the times I’ve had wonderful fun playing games and it comes down to two things. Great story, or playing with other gamers.

Let’s focus on story. Some of my favorite games were old school, story driven games. Fallout 1 and 2. FF 2 (released in Japan as IV). Dragon Warrior I. Star Wars the Old Republic. Warhammer 40k: Spacemarine. Bastion. What do all these games have in common? A strong story! So, why do I not get any satisfaction playing games like ANY of the Elder Scrolls games? Or Fallout 3? The problem I’ve found with recent “sand box” games is… There’s too much. The story gets lost in the sand box. I jump in the game, and start playing, but get lost. There’s so many side quests and people to talk to, that the main story just gets lost. I quickly lose interest and move on. A few months later, I’ll read an article about how good the story is, or talk to a friend who played the game and give it another shot. And… right back where I was. Lost with no story. Fez has an awesome story, but once you actually start the game… It’s just a platformer. Lost interest about 15 minutes in.

It’s gotten to the point that I’ve almost given up on games. I hardly have time to play anymore with Rory around anyway, but it was making me a bit sad. But tonight, I pulled up a game called Alan Wake. Woah. Sucked me right in! A horror mystery. No side quests. Just a great story line. Can’t wait to continue this one!

So, how did I figure out it was the story that was driving my interest? I read books. A lot. Why? Because I love the stories! And the games I like basically let me live the story. I don’t need all the side quests to pull me off track. I don’t need to talk to every person in a large city just to make sure I get all the interesting quests while getting side tracked. I just hope once I finish Alan Wake that it won’t take me so long to find the next one!